Not Sponsored • Jack Jennings

Not Sponsored is a personal project documenting amateur sports athletes through photography and sound. The work is ongoing and seeks to build an archive of inspiring and authentic stories that capture the essence of competition, community, and resilience found within each athlete. It is about finding limits, breaking them, and reframing beliefs in what can be achieved.

words by Jack Jennings

Running’s like this ongoing competition with your future self, pushing yourself to outdo what you did yesterday. I’ve always loved the grind of sports, digging deep to see how far I can push my body.

It’s all about setting goals and crafting these month-long plans, dragging yourself out of bed before the sun’s up. Those early mornings, you’re questioning if you can actually pull off what you set out to do. But then, bit by bit, the long runs feel smoother, the speed sessions get quicker, and your heart rate begins to lower.

You start feeling like you’ve got this, realizing your goals are totally doable. But as long as I keep competing, I’ll always be chasing after that future version of myself, always striving for more.


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